How To Put Your Weight Loss Intentions Into Action With Ayurveda

Slimming: a trend for decades

Do you want to lose a few pounds? You are not alone! Gallup’s 2015 poll showed that around 51 per cent of Americans want to lose weight. However, only 26 per cent actually implement this intention – or at least take a step in the right direction.

In Germany, the trend looks similar: About every second a German person would like to lose weight, women more often than men*.

Reasons for being overweight

There are so many reasons to lose weight. But there are at least as many, why we even increase weight in the first place. Dr. Sarita Patel, director of the Palliative Care Program at Kingsbrook Hospital in Brooklyn, New York, explains:

“According to Ayurveda, the reasons for gaining weight are either due to internal or external factors such as eating habits or food choices. Internal reasons for gaining weight are due to the constitution of our body; we may eat the wrong foods that our body can not digest, for example. Ayurveda tries to take care of both internal and external factors. The digestive system should be balanced so that no toxins can accumulate in the body. “

Dr. Patel is a state certified hospice and palliative care physician. She studied Ayurveda with focus on Pulse Diagnosis and Lifestyle Transformation. She is also a teacher at the Art of Living Foundation, where she coordinates and directs the weight loss programs at the North Carolina Retreat Center.

Why modern weight loss programs are not successful in the long term

The reason for the decreasing success in losing weight with modern methods is, according to Dr Patel, that many ignore the body’s self-healing powers.

“Ayurveda uses a unique path that is very different from traditional, medical and scientific approaches. It focuses on the genetics of the body. In other words, by choosing the correct diet, the body heals itself and loses weight on its own. At the same time, the metabolism is also improved. One way to do that, for example, is to attend a Detox program. “

Ayurvedic weight loss programs are therefore not just about losing weight. Instead, they should enable you to achieve long term goals with your body and mind. Your thoughts play a significant role. Learning special breathing techniques help to calm your conscience and make you feel good. To further increase your creativity and energy, you can resort to yoga, massage therapies or meditations. These practices make you feel more powerful to implement your weight loss plans.


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