Am I healthy? Using Ayurvedic Advice for Disease Prevention

In everyday life, we often run from one appointment to another and are flooded with modern media. All this and many more influences can cause our Doshas (Vata – Pitta – Kapha) to come out of balance. According to Ayurvedic understanding, it is at this point that diseases develop. The long-term imbalance of life energies then starts showing as disease symptoms.

It is necessary to listen to your own body and recognise warning signs in good time.

Ayurvedic physicians rely on the “Ashta Sthana Pariksha” (or “the eight limbs of diagnosis”) to determine whether a person is healthy or not. These are eight well-established and proven diagnostic techniques:

  1. Nadi Pariksha – pulse examination
  2. Mutra Pariksha – urine examination
  3. Mala Pariksha – feces examination
  4. Jihwa Pariksha – tongue examination
  5. Shabda Pariksha – voice examination
  6. Sparsha Pariksha – skin examination
  7. Drik Pariksha – eyes examination
  8. Akriti Pariksha – general state evaluation

The Ayurvedic experts perform these examinations based on their knowledge and experience, by using specific methods. But each of us can also do a basic self-analysis in a simplified way, to see if there may be imbalances in our own body.

The following questions help with the self-analysis:

· Do I have a steady pulse? Or is my pulse irregular?

· Is my urine how it should be (regular and colourless)? Or am I having trouble/pain and my urine is darker?

· Is my digestion working well and do I have a regular elimination? Or do I suffer from constipation or diarrhoea?

· Is my tongue pink, pure, soft and with straight side edges? Or is there a coating on my tongue and the sides are uneven?

· Is my voice stable? Or do I sometimes ups or downs in my vocal tone?

· Can I see well? Or do my eyes get tired quickly/is my vision blurred/can I easily see colours/are my eyes dry?

· Has my weight been stable in recent months? Or did it unintentionally increase/decrease?

Ayurvedic healthcare encourages us to look after our bodies. If we regularly ask ourselves the questions listed above, we can recognise imbalances early on and, by adapting our lifestyle, diet and taking ayurvedic herbal supplements, do our best to maintain a healthy and vital body.

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