Alkaline water: just hype or a miracle cure?

Everyone knows that it is vital for us to drink enough fluids. More than fifty per cent of our body consists of water. Our metabolism needs a sufficient daily water intake for it to function optimally. The German Association for Nutrition recommends a daily fluid intake of 30-35 millilitres per kilogram of body weight for adults, depending on their age.

However, to stay healthy, it is not only the number of fluids but also what we drink is essential. In recent years, the hype about “alkaline” or “alkaline water” is growing, and today we want to shed some more light on it.

What is alkaline water?

First of all, we have to be reminded of the pH scale: The scale ranges from 0 to fourteen and describes the acidic or alkaline character of a solution. The number 7 represents the neutral centre. All values below it are considered to be an acidic liquid. All that is above 7 serve an alkaline liquid.

Regular tap water has a pH of almost 7. By contrast, the pH of alkaline water is between 7 and 9.5.

The right balance: the pH of our blood

The blood in our body has a pH of about 7.4 and is thus slightly alkaline. It is vital for our body to keep this pH constant. A fluctuation of only 0.5 on the scale could have serious health consequences.

Our modern western diet packed with soft drinks and processed foods (readymade meals, sweets etc.), if used regularly and for a longer period, can lead to a chronic mild acidosis (a subtle hyperacidity of the body). This can lead to hormonal complaints, loss of bone mass, weakening of the immune system and various metabolic disorders. Acidosis can also interfere with the cell ability to regenerate and produce enough energy. This kind of environment is perfect for cancer cells to multiply.

It is essential to keep the blood pH stable and within the right range by using the proper nutrition.

Can alkaline water help keep our blood pH healthy?

To keep our blood at its optimal pH of 7.4, a healthy diet is the most important thing. Emphasis should be placed on the consumption of industrially unprocessed and fresh food. Carbonated soft drinks have an exceptionally strong acidity and should be consumed very rarely or not at all.

Since water is mainly alkaline, this suggests that it can aid in “de-acidifying” the body and reducing the pH of the blood. In 2001, a study was published to emphasise this assumption: After the participants had drunk alkaline water for three to six months, they had lower cholesterol levels and a decrease in blood sugar and blood pressure.

A 2012 study found that drinking water with a pH of 8.8 could reduce stomach acid and reduce acid reflux for the participants.

These and other studies have demonstrated positive effects of drinking alkaline water on our body. However, it should also be noted that there have been no randomised controlled tests to additionally support the results.

Where to buy alkaline water?

Anyone who chooses to include alkaline water in their diet is faced with a large offer that can be confusing. This ranges from modern water filters, base powders, already bottled base water to water ionizers etc. The price range extends from a few euros for a base powder to hundreds of euros for water ionisers.

Since we decided to drink alkaline water out of personal conviction, we tried several options:

The relatively large and yet widespread water ionisers have not convinced us because of their high price (> 100€). The same applies to already bottled alkaline water available to purchase in online marketplaces. Here we have found products that go from 1000 millilitres for 29.90€. Over a longer period of time, that’s too costly. Another alternative is the base powders available in drugstores, which are dissolved in water and drunk. The base powder has a subtle taste and we have found information in various places that regular intake can lead to a mineral overdose in the body. That’s why this is also not an option.

The solution is in short and sweet: We have tried numerous filters, and ultimately, the KENT simply convinced us. It is 69,00€, in the lower price segment, alkalises (8.5-9.5) and cleans the water at the same time! In this way, e.g. it filters chlorine and lime out of the water. We also found it handy and entirely practical.


As initial studies have suggested, drinking alkaline water can be beneficial to our health. In particular, diseases associated with excessive gastric acid production can be alleviated.

There are no miracle products for the health of our body; the most important is to have a natural diet and lifestyle. However, alkaline water can be taken now and then or as part of a course of treatment to balance the blood pH. In this way, it can further support our health and metabolism.

If you wish, you can drink alkaline water for a certain period and test the effect on your body. We are sure it helps!





  4. Published in 2001 in the “Shanghai Journal of Protective Medicine” (Wang)



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